What am I up to?

A Year In The Wilderness

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Logistics-Based Strategy in Resource Sovereignty

This project has split into several projects;
For individual-scale research and strategies, check out NomadPedia.org.
For community-scale research and strategies, check out Resource-Sovereignty.net.

Sociological Essays

Research Business

Iterating on successes from the earlier 12 startups challenge, I decided to launch some more startups.

This is not really about making money. I’m working on several different (but loosely related) research projects intended to improve the lives of people in the world. It has become very messy to keep track and keep separate on this blog, so some of these projects are moving to their own individual blogs in order to make them easier to navigate. I’m currently relying on donations to fund the work using buymeacoffee.

Depending on how popular the projects get, I would like to move them to a forum format so that people can contribute their own content on each topic. At that point, the costs are likely to go up and I will likely need to look at other ways to make these projects self-funding. I really would rather stick to affiliate links rather than ads because I’d like to have the incentive be creating value for readers rather than attracting massive amounts of traffic which doesn’t necessarily get a lot of value from the content.

Burning Man!

2018 Burn: I, Robot
2016 Burn: DaVinci’s Workshop

My Reading List (📚,🎥,💻)

The best books, documentaries, and podcast episodes I think you should know about.

Asimov's Foundation Series

Random Incomplete Ideas

I have long struggled with what to do with random ideas I have. I kept a journal and then I kept a todo list and then I made a database and it was just too much, especially because I wanted to be able to go back and do drafts of the ideas. So here we are, my unfiltered stream of consciousness, probably altered. Enjoy.

Note: There are really a lot of these so I’m trying to add a few every day. It will be a while until they are all added.