OurSpace Examples: OurTube, OurTok, etc

Building on my ongoing work on Ourspace, I think it’s important to consider a whole range of alternative apps formatted just like major products on the market.

Ourspace itself would be format agnostic. It’s a general purpose content distribution and sharing platform and protocol.

But you could easily build a version of it which looks only for short video content across the network and sorts it by positive reactions from friends or people with similar interests. This would be sort of like an OurTok.

Likewise, you could easily build a simple, free, distributed video service and call it OurTube.

The initial concept is just a general purpose browser app which implements the protocol and the technology and then allows anyone to publish or subscribe to others. Building on that, it would be easy to improve on the existing products by simply creating free, distributed, open-source alternatives to the products that are currently leading in the social media marketplace.