ECON 783 – Week 2 (Chapter 3)

Watch Video Chapter 3: Demand Analysis Summary Demand relationships Elasticity of demand Cross elasticity of demand Combined effect of demand elasticities Demand Relationships The demand schedule is the simplest form of the demand relationship. It is merely a list of prices and corresponding quantities of a product or service that would be demanded over a… Continue reading ECON 783 – Week 2 (Chapter 3)

ECON 783 – Week 1 (Chapter 1-2)

Note: Anyone who is suffering under the delusion that neoclassical economics or marginal analysis is in any way a valid reflection of reality should watch this great interview explaining why everything we learn in classes like this is basically superstitious ideological nonsense. And yet, here we are. Class Notes Watch Discussion: Introduce yourself Two powerpoints… Continue reading ECON 783 – Week 1 (Chapter 1-2)