Playa Pergola Proposal

Why Hammocks on playa are a joy. Providing joy is the reason to go. This is an easy way to provide an important experience and make people happy. Weight The eight 4×4 posts weigh 36 pounds each. The brackets weigh 43 pounds. This comes out to a total of 331 pounds. Cost I will need… Continue reading Playa Pergola Proposal

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Communal Storage

At Burning Man, I camp with Comfort & Joy. One of the many benefits of this camp is that they will transport totes to the playa for you; you are only responsible for getting yourself there. The stipulation is that everyone has to use this same tote. There are many benefits to this strategy. These… Continue reading Communal Storage

Data: Are Shiftpods Actually Cooler?

Key Findings; Shiftpods are not significantly better than cheap alternatives. No tent performs well in direct sun. No matter what kind of tent you have, putting it under a shade structure is the most important thing for keeping it cool inside during the day. Evaporative “swamp” coolers are not as helpful as simple ventilation. Thermal… Continue reading Data: Are Shiftpods Actually Cooler?

DIY High-Precision Multi-Zone Temperature Logger

I was in need of high-precision multi-zone temperature logging gear for a chemistry honors project, and I found nothing online that would work well for my purpose, so I decided to put my CSCI46 skills to use and build my own. The Hardware I started with a¬†NodeMCU¬†which is basically a fancier but somehow also cheaper… Continue reading DIY High-Precision Multi-Zone Temperature Logger

Cheap Flat-Top Shade Structure (Alternate Design)

Shade structures are perhaps the most important and powerful way of improving temperature conditions in a tent on playa or elsewhere. The value of a shade structure to someone who is trying to sleep can not be overstated. The Traditional Way A lot of people buy and build complex and expensive shade structures. Typically these… Continue reading Cheap Flat-Top Shade Structure (Alternate Design)