Baking Gluten Free Bread

A lot of people have side effects after recovering from covid. I got lots of new allergies, including gluten, garlic, and onions. This has led to me basically cooking all my own food and rarely eating out. One of the challenges has been bread. Gluten free bread at the store can be great but it’s… Continue reading Baking Gluten Free Bread


One project proposal I have been developing recently is a business which uses compost and other forms of waste reclamation to produce “meatshrooms” or those mushrooms which serve as meat substitutes. For example, hen of the woods, lobster of the woods, chicken of the woods, beefsteak mushrooms, etc.

Moisture Farming

Arizona, Southern California, and Northern Mexico are about to lose access to their main water source. Wells are drying up as rainfall decreases. Despite occasional deluges, many areas are now seeing half the rainfall they did historically. When I visited the Earthship Biotecture Academy at Taos, they said they are getting about half the annual… Continue reading Moisture Farming

Closed Loop Water System with Integrated Biogas Capture

I propose to build a simple proof of concept system which simultaneously solves many problems associated with water use sustainability. Key Problems With Current Strategies Essentially all municipal sewage systems around the world are still using the prehistoric systems pioneered in the indus valley civilization over 6,000 years ago. We take fresh water, use and… Continue reading Closed Loop Water System with Integrated Biogas Capture

OurSpace: Distributed Serverless Anti-Hierarchical Social Media

The main idea is to use something like IPFS to establish a distributed non-hierarchical alternative to both the web and the incumbent social media institutions while also creating a resilient alternative which would form a thick protocol on top of which people can then construct and extend interfaces like apps or websites. Imagine I have… Continue reading OurSpace: Distributed Serverless Anti-Hierarchical Social Media

DIY Biogas Digester Research

Small biodigester build video   IBC Tote based digester design Using a garbage disposal as an input grinder Algae mitigation Tank insulation   Larger build hydrogen sulfide filter to clean the methane flashback arrestor methane storage with inverted barrel in water for pressure and isolation. Community-Scale Biogas Digester Includes condenser (yellow) which removes evaporated water… Continue reading DIY Biogas Digester Research