Fall 2019: Weekly Intersectional Privilege Event

I am an affluent, white, male, cis, able person who has these privileged identities within the American white-cis-ablist-classist-patriarchy. I am also a gay, socialesque, atheist which are marginalized identities within American hetero-ancap-christian culture. I see many gay, affluent, white, cis men forgetting about the fact that they are affluent, white, cis, men. This has led… Continue reading Fall 2019: Weekly Intersectional Privilege Event

Queer Film History: Compare and contrast Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble

Compare and contrast Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble Pink Flamingos is an excellent example of John Waters’ early work. It is historically Queer in all four ways. Many of the characters are queer. The lead for example describes herself as a lesbian who has, “done everything,” and wants to, “kill everyone, now.” The film’s author… Continue reading Queer Film History: Compare and contrast Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble

LGBT1 – Midterm Exam

CJ Trowbridge LGBT1 2018-10-23 LGBT1 Midterm Exam 1. What is the problem of the gender binary? The sexual orientation binary? Explain how these binaries are both repressive and constructive. (What does it mean for power to be repressive and constructive too? Apply this to both gender identity and sexual orientation.)   The gender binary is… Continue reading LGBT1 – Midterm Exam

LGBT1: Sister Outsider Quiz

CJ Trowbridge LGBT1 2018-10-13 Sister Outsider Quiz 1. Audre Lorde critically approaches each of her three main intersections. She sees each of these movements as umbrellas which focus unfairly on privileged members to the exclusion of marginalized intersections, perpetuating those other forms of oppression. She approaches Lesbians as a Black Woman. She approaches the Women’s… Continue reading LGBT1: Sister Outsider Quiz

“Str8 4 trans ONLY” [Draft]

Sublimation Is The New Reaction-Formation For Homophobia Freud argued that all neurotic or psychologically atypical behavior is caused by dissonance. He defined dissonance as when the person one is, is different from the person one feels one should be. He argued that this causes what he called repression; the dissonance is pushed into the unconscious… Continue reading “Str8 4 trans ONLY” [Draft]

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Sacramento Pride 2018

I was very proud this year to march with Sacramento’s Bolt Bar, a gay alternative bar which is a big participant in the leather and fetish communities in the Northern California area. The Bolt also hosts an annual Mr Leather competition whose winner goes on to International Mr Leather. I carried the Trans pride flag.… Continue reading Sacramento Pride 2018

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