A Conversation and a Pivot

While driving Uber, I recently gaveĀ a man a ride to his hotel from a business dinner. He told me he was an investment banker visiting from Chicago and asked if I had any investments. I told him about my strategy of trading Gold ETFs on volatility and asked for input on it. He said it… Continue reading A Conversation and a Pivot

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Hypothetical Stock Picks: Amazon ($737)

Amazon is starting to introduce their own versions of more products. These “Amazon Basics” are everything from electronics to office supplies, home goods and groceries. These new products are lower-cost and higher profit than their other offerings, and signal a paradigm shift for Amazon. They took over the world of online retail by selling other… Continue reading Hypothetical Stock Picks: Amazon ($737)

Hypothetical Stock Picks: Nvidia

Nvidia this week announced a new line of graphics cards which greatly reduces cost while dramatically increasing performance, this puts them firmly on the leading edge of this expensive, niche market. Consumer sentiment on this new product line has been very favorable. , but there is some danger that their competitor AMD could release a… Continue reading Hypothetical Stock Picks: Nvidia