DS 786 – Week 3

Watch Videos Forecasting- Linear Trend Let’s consider more patterns Smoothing filters work best for stable timeseries data when there aren’t trends or seasonality Seasonality (like sine waves) is its own thing with different analytical techniques Trends up and down are not good for smoothing filters; regressions are Nonlinear trend analysis Not what we’re doing in… Continue reading DS 786 – Week 3

DS 786 – Week 2

Watch Videos Introduction to Forecasting (5:59) Forecast: a statement about the future To be of value, the forecast is about a future event that we don’t have complete certainty for? Given what we know now, how much do we expect to sell next month? Forecast Time Horizons Short-range: immediate future to three months Medium-range: several… Continue reading DS 786 – Week 2

DS 786 – Week 1

Watch Videos Welcome to Operations Analysis- the Syllabus basics (2:48) Exploring iLearn and the course structure (3:16) More about quizzes (3:05) Uploading work for partial credit on quizzes (2:35) How are grades determined? (4:36) What about Extra Credit? (4:01) VIEW: Intro to Operations Management slides WATCH: Intro to Operations Management, part 1 (7:54) WATCH: Intro… Continue reading DS 786 – Week 1