Gamma Yayoi

Function generators and drum machines and things like that, going into a visualization engine AND also projecting into an infinity room which has some strings hanging or something to catch the projection.

But with like fun game controls like throttles and joysticks instead of complete control of the software.

So you’re not really in control of what’s going on, but you can sort of steer it maybe.


an anonymous social blogging service for topics that we want to discuss but where we do not want what we write to link back to our real identities.

a la moot ted talk

Microcafe + Microhotel

Come up with mvp for combined capsule hotel and cafe. As small as possible while profitable. Excellent WiFi Several price options

Name brainstorming

  • Microtel
  • Tapcaf
  • Nanotel
  • Picotel
  • Quantum Cafe & Hotel
  • Something about roads in Latin