Ask AI to name a personalized custom fabrication company

Create brand names for a distributed fabrication company specializing in making all sorts of personalized custom things to order using the following sorts of techniques;
-Laser cut metal for things like business cards
-3D printed personalized chotchkies and office desk ornaments
-Custom tee shirts and other clothing
The firm will focus on designs for LGBTQ people which highlight queer artists and fund community initiatives.


  1. Queer Cutz
  2. 3D Rainbow Prints
  3. Prismatic Wear
  4. Queer Crafts
  5. Spectrum Designs
  6. Pride Prints
  7. Allyship Artistry
  8. Defy Normality
  9. Fabulation Factory
  10. Queer Prints & Crafts
  11. FabForThePeople
  12. WearYourPassion