4: Analysis of Financial Statements

Ratio analysis Liquidity ratios Current Ratio: the primary liquidity ratio. Measures a company’s ability to pay short-term obligations with its short-term assets Current Ratio = Current assets / current liabilities Quick or Acid test ratio More stringent liquidity ratio that excludes inventories from current assets to assess a company’s ability to cover short-term liabilities without… Continue reading 4: Analysis of Financial Statements

Categorical vs Hypothetical Imperatives

Prompt: What is a hypothetical imperative that is currently gripping you? No matter how trivial or weighty. What would have to change for the imperative to vanish? My Answer: Is it ok to vote for Biden — even though the international court of justice just found him guilty as an accessory to genocide — because… Continue reading Categorical vs Hypothetical Imperatives

FIN 785 – Week 2

Watch Videos Intro Financial Statements Key financial statements Balance Sheet Income Statement Statement of Stockholders’ Equity Statement of Cash Flows Performance Lecture Annual Report Balance sheet: provides a snapshot of a firm’s financial position at one point in time Income statement: summarizes a firm’s revenues and expenses over a given period of time. Statement of… Continue reading FIN 785 – Week 2

DS 786 – Week 3

Watch Videos Forecasting- Linear Trend Let’s consider more patterns Smoothing filters work best for stable timeseries data when there aren’t trends or seasonality Seasonality (like sine waves) is its own thing with different analytical techniques Trends up and down are not good for smoothing filters; regressions are Nonlinear trend analysis Not what we’re doing in… Continue reading DS 786 – Week 3

DS 786 – Week 2

Watch Videos Introduction to Forecasting (5:59) Forecast: a statement about the future To be of value, the forecast is about a future event that we don’t have complete certainty for? Given what we know now, how much do we expect to sell next month? Forecast Time Horizons Short-range: immediate future to three months Medium-range: several… Continue reading DS 786 – Week 2

FIN 785 – Week 1

Readings Videos Intro 1 Course objectives To five you the capacity to understand the theory and apply, in real world situations, the techniques that have been developed in finance. To give you the big picture of finance so that you can understand how things fit together To show you that finance is fun Topics Financial… Continue reading FIN 785 – Week 1

ECON 783 – Week 2 (Chapter 3)

Watch Video Chapter 3: Demand Analysis Summary Demand relationships Elasticity of demand Cross elasticity of demand Combined effect of demand elasticities Demand Relationships The demand schedule is the simplest form of the demand relationship. It is merely a list of prices and corresponding quantities of a product or service that would be demanded over a… Continue reading ECON 783 – Week 2 (Chapter 3)

ECON 783 – Week 1 (Chapter 1-2)

Note: Anyone who is suffering under the delusion that neoclassical economics or marginal analysis is in any way a valid reflection of reality should watch this great interview explaining why everything we learn in classes like this is basically superstitious ideological nonsense. And yet, here we are. Class Notes Watch Discussion: Introduce yourself Two powerpoints… Continue reading ECON 783 – Week 1 (Chapter 1-2)