Communal Effort

In my capacity as regional co-chair of Burners Without Borders, I once asked some of my peers if there is a manual somewhere for how to respond to disasters. That’s what we do. We respond to disasters and provide things like shelter and critical infrastructure. Unfortunately there is currently no repository of tools and strategies… Continue reading Communal Effort


I have done a great deal of personal research and interviews with people in experimental and improvised communities about how they address individual-scale solutions to infrastructure problems. I’ve taken countless pages of notes and countless photos of the examples. As regional co-chair of Burners Without Borders, I am also working on deploying these solutions at… Continue reading NomadPedia

Resource Sovereignty

This is a project I’ve been working on for some years which is slowly evolving with experimentation and research. The basic idea is that small groups and communities should be able to reach a point where they can provide for their own needs without new inputs and while managing and minimizing their outputs. I call… Continue reading Resource Sovereignty

Moving Cabin

I built a moving cabin which is basically just a custom self-sufficient self-powered rv that I’m using to travel safely and conduct my research on improvised infrastructure, community resilience, sustainability and other related topics. Check it out at

Corona Country

Corona Country is a twist on the earlier project Covid19 Progress. This app shows you data at the county level in your area. So you can see how coronavirus is going where you are. There are a couple of reasons I decided to launch this project. While it’s interesting to compare countries and states, I… Continue reading Corona Country

Covid19 Progress

I saw an opportunity around the lack of clarity and accessibility for coronavirus statistics. I also saw a lot of misleading claims made by people with an agenda. I wanted to bring clarity to the data and make it easy to understand and compare. And so, Covid19 Progress was born! This simple site allows anyone… Continue reading Covid19 Progress