Resource Sovereignty

This is a project I’ve been working on for some years which is slowly evolving with experimentation and research. The basic idea is that small groups and communities should be able to reach a point where they can provide for their own needs without new inputs and while managing and minimizing their outputs. I call this idea resource sovereignty.

The idea is more than sustainability, resiliency, permaculture, arcology, etc. But it incorporates parts of these ideas plus more. The basic idea is that communities should not need anything from the outside in order to survive, and they should be able to live in a way that will keep working indefinitely.

Earthship Biotecture is very close to this idea but they are not really feeding themselves and they are not solving problems like internet connectivity and radical water reuse. They are still relying on inputs from the outside for things like water, comprehensive nutrition, and they are not controlling and managing their outputs to the degree that seems necessary in the long-term.

My other project NomadPedia is looking at how to solve infrastructure on an individual-scale. This project in contrast is looking at tribal-scale and community-scale solutions to these problems, and more from the perspective of staying in one place rather than constantly moving around.

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