Session 2

Review Article Objections raised by author Computers are merely “serial” but brains are “parallel.” Computers are “digital,” but brains are “analog.” Computers cannot generate emotions, but brains do not generate emotions. Definitions Parallel vs serial Digital vs analog Cognitive science perceived gap in research areas: no science of cognition no systematic exploration of central questions… Continue reading Session 2

PHIL 621 – Session 1

Housekeeping Professor likes to use green checkmark feature in the participants list of zoom Writing Assignment 1 Do you accept the proposition that your brain is a computer? Why or why not? There are many computational processes happening in the brain, but brains are not deterministic machines. There is a great deal of probability, fuzzy… Continue reading PHIL 621 – Session 1

Symbolic Logic Operators

This is just like computer science! Operators (~) Negation operator (&) (And) Conjunct operator (v) Disjunct operator (->) (if then) Conditional operator (<->) (if and only if) Biconditional operator