Hypothetical Stock Picks: Nvidia

Nvidia this week announced a new line of graphics cards which greatly reduces cost while dramatically increasing performance, this puts them firmly on the leading edge of this expensive, niche market.

Consumer sentiment on this new product line has been very favorable. , but there is some danger that their competitor AMD could release a similar product in the near future, but their products typically target a more bargain-minded audience, and each brand has a very loyal following. I feel confident that Nvidia’s line will be the strong leader in this coming generation of performance graphics cards.

Nvidia is announcing earnings this Thursday, and I feel very confident that their announcement will include strong projections for the coming year.

The stock is currently trading at $35; it’s lowest level since late March. It’s range within that time extends up about 6% to $37.

I predict that on the earnings announcement Thursday night, the stock will go up at least halfway through that recent range of 6%. I am currently leaning towards betting +3%, -1.5%.


Update 2016-05-10 10:00am:

My bet paid off, and I closed the deal up 3%!