Baking Gluten Free Bread

A lot of people have side effects after recovering from covid. I got lots of new allergies, including gluten, garlic, and onions. This has led to me basically cooking all my own food and rarely eating out. One of the challenges has been bread. Gluten free bread at the store can be great but it’s hit or miss, and it’s always tiny because it’s delicate.

I decided to learn how to make my own bread, so I bought all the different gluten free flour options and started trying out different recipes. I found one kind of flour that I like, but it’s a lot of work and a lot of dirty dishes to make bread every week. This led me to want to try a bread maker. I did a lot of research and ended up deciding on this one. I also found a lot of commentary and tips about best practices for using this bread maker with gluten free recipes. I will be trying this out and hopefully reporting back soon!