Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov

This is the last book in The Foundation Series, chronologically. There are two more books by date of publication which are prequels to the series.

This book made me sad. It felt gratuitous and contrived. I don’t think his heart was in it, though after reading this entire enormous series, the last paragraph of this book was SO worth it. What an ending. I will never stop thinking about it for that reason.

This book picks up at the exact second the previous book leaves off. The explorers head out to find earth. They encounter very gratuitous and graphic descriptions of sex, and a rather underwhelming adventure compared to the previous books.

In the prologue, Asimov seems to say he only wrote this book because the publisher offered so much money for another Foundation book.

It does tie the many Asimov serieses together, and serves a satisfying role in that regard. But on its own, it is an unimpressive and disappointing book. :[

That said, the last page of the book is probably one of the best he ever wrote. It leaves you asking a million questions which you know will never be answered. I feel like this is a book which a fan or Asimov must read, but one which I don’t see myself reading again.