Expanse 3 – Abaddon’s Gate

Abaddon’s Gate followed suit with the first two books in the series by expanding the scope of the story and the universe by an order of magnitude.


One interesting moment in the story finds a character momentarily imbued with the memories and experiences of a member of an alien race which had ascended to a galactic scope of consciousness; feeling and perceiving the action of stars and worlds moving through time and space, and becoming aware of an ominous, complex and mysterious new form of conflict which these beings faced.

The story ends with humanity overcoming enormous adversity and being rewarded with a route to interstellar travel to hundreds of newly reachable, and potentially populated worlds.

These next few books are going to be interesting! This was an amazing book and an instant favorite, though it does delve into the fantasy side of scifi a little more than I would like, and a few thematic elements leave you consciously deciding whether to accept the absurd and unlikely convenience of circumstances surrounding events in the story. Nevertheless, I liked it, and I would recommend it to any fan of epic scifi novels or high-fantasy.