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New PC

New NAS (x2)

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LoRa Radio

DIY Artificial Intelligence

No connection to the internet. No sending your data to anyone. Runs only on your machine with no graphics card required.


Apocalypse Libraries

  • My favorite VPN service.
  • (808 gb) Amazing Documentaries (Part 1, 2, 3): 940 documentaries on many different topics.
  • (14 gb) The Appropriate Technology Library: consists of 1050 books on 29 subject areas of small scale, do-it-yourself technology. The Library was developed to be a portable source of appropriate technology information for aid and relief workers around the world. Since its inception, it has been used in dozens of countries around the world.
  • (440 gb) The Ark (Note there is a main download and then an update): Tens of thousands of documents explaining topics from gunsmithing to software.
  • (634 gb) Bibliotheca Alexandrina: (Also there is an update) ancient & medieval history books.
  • (52gb) The Complete Open Yale Courses: Recordings of all the courses taught at Yale.
  • (2gb) The Library At The End Of The World: A lot of books about permaculture, foraging, off-grid survivalism, etc.
  • () Survivor Library: hundreds of books on technologies that can be used by craftsman to build infrastructure, such as carriages, sailing vessels, and steam engines, without the need for sophisticated tools. Many similar resources teach Survival Skills to help people survive during a large-scale disaster, such as an EMP event or pandemic; however, few focus on the aftermath and building a new infrastructure to replace the one lost.
  • Radical Racoons: A collaborative how-to guide for building off-grid intentional communities.
  • (117 gb) Variorum: an academic book series in the humanities published by Ashgate. The aim of each volume is to bring together, for the first time, a selection of articles by a leading scholar on their particular area of expertise. This allows easy access to material that may be hard to find separately because it is out of print or available only in specialist libraries. It also allows the reader to see the development of a scholar’s thinking on a topic over time. There are over 1000 volumes in the series.
  • (51gb) Wikipedia: download the entire site to use offline. You will need to use the special viewer program. The linked article explains how to do it. Also download the apk to install the viewer on android.
  • Pham library of tens of thousands of academic texts.