Mammoth Cave National Park

This was a weird place. They say it’s normally better because of covid. Basically the cave that’s currently open is just a long boring hallway and then when you get to the end you turn around and come back.

Sort of just a long boring hallway

As you can see, there are no stalactites, no stalagmites, no lilly pads, nothing to see but normal rock walls.

Also some terrible disease has decimated the bat population so there were only two bats left in the tour area of the cave.

There were lots of “artifacts” from strip-mining that had been done on the cave before it became a national park.

Lots of mining "artifacts"

Also since it’s just a hallway with a bunch of industrial garbage “artifacts,” why not add a random pointless war memorial in the middle of the cave?

War memorial (Why?)

I certainly hope people are right and this is normally better, because from what I saw this park was not worth the trip.