Dry Tortugas National Park & Key West

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Key West looked like it would be a lot of fun normally. It was kind of terrifying at the moment because basically not a single person was wearing a mask anywhere in the town, and everything was very close together so there wasn’t really any way of avoiding the unmasked hordes.

I got to see the southernmost point in the continental United States!

Southernmost Point

Walking around town was cute but again very crowded and very unmasked. There were lots of wild chickens and iguanas running around town.

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Dry Tortugas National Park is an island off of Key West. It was used as a fort and later a prison. Eventually it became a sort of wildlife refuge and now it’s a national park.

So here is the really frustrating part. It’s a three hour drive out to Key West where you can catch the ferry to the park. But the ferry is only privately run now, and the cheapest one I could find wanted $190/person for a ride, and not a single person in there was masked. It was not just a deathtrap but also an incredibly expensive one. I decided I had gotten close enough for this trip, and I’d save the island for next time.

As a consolation prize, I got to see the southernmost Starbucks!

Southernmost Starbucks