The Cuisinart Gluten Free Bread Maker Is Great

Cuisinart has a new gluten free break maker which is great. Gluten free baking is different from glutenful baking so this machine has a special baking mode that works well for gluten free bread.

My Favorite Bread Recipe So Far:

Melt 4tbsp of butter in one cup of soy milk.

Add to bread maker.

Add four large eggs, beaten.

Add 3.5 cups all purpose gluten free flour into bread maker.

If your all purpose flour doesn’t already contain xanthan gum, add 1.25 tsp.

Add two tablespoons instant yeast.

Add half a cup of sugar.

Add 1tsp salt.

Set it to the gluten free cycle on medium crust.

The first time it beeps, use a spatula to scoop everything off the sides.