Expanse 9 – Leviathan Falls

The final book in the Expanse series was everything I hoped it would be. This was a wild ride to an extremely satisfying and well written ending.

If you’re a fan of sociological story telling or science fiction, then I can not recommend this series highly enough.

Spoilers: Final Thoughts

I really liked the way they concluded the man in the lighthouse chapter, and the fact that they found a tonic ending which closed all the loose ends with the dark gods and the ongoing conflict.

I love that they showed that the bad guys were never really the bad guys, and the people who saw themselves as the good guys were actually hurting the aliens who reacted to defend themselves.

I love that Amos is immortal even after the protomolecule tech all died.

I wonder what the fuck happened to Filip and how that was never addressed. (Update: This is addressed in the later novella Sins of Our Fathers)

I wonder if the BFE is still alive.