Washington DC

This city is not just full of monuments, it is a monument. There is so much history everywhere. From the capitol building that Canada burned down after we tried invading and annexing them, to the Lincoln Memorial which for some reason was full of Nazis when I visited. It’s a wild and complex place full of all the good and bad parts of American history.


I started out at the Washington Monument which I’m sure you’ve seen in the new Spider Man movie.


Then I checked out the second Lincoln Memorial which is a good deal bigger than the first Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial


I was very surprised to find a group of Nazis in there admiring the monument. I would have thought Nazis would not like Lincoln, but there’s no predicting Nazis. Here’s more info if you’re not familiar with the sonenrad.



On my way back towards the Capitol and the Grant Memorial, I stopped to see the Smithsonian from the outside. (I didn’t actually go into any buildings because like most of the country, I seemed to be the only person wearing a mask or observing any covid precautions and though I had already been vaccinated, I was not outside the efficacy window yet.



Last stop was the American Indian Museum for a really cool exhibit about traditional crops that actually make sense to grow here. Very cool!