Woken Furies by Richard K Morgan

This book has a lot of content and a lot of moving parts. The story is very complex. I had to read it three times before I felt like I really understood the story.

The production of the audio book is completely different from the first two books. I had to take a break before I started this one. It was too distracting right after finishing the first two books. I REALLY hate when production companies change readers between audio books. Expanse in particular was really terrible. This one ended up being good once I had a break from it. I think I might even like it more than the production of the first two books.

This book does a really amazing job of exploring the ideas of revolutionary politics and religion and the problems and strengths with each. There are some really cool examples. The analysis is extremely sociological. As a sociologist, I really appreciate the perspective of the author and the way he explores these important topics.

In particular there are some really cool ideas around the problem of producing condensing symbols to unite disparate factions during revolutions.

There is also some interesting exploration of the problem of interfacing with future alien computer systems and the artificial intelligences that could be created by extremely different types of conscious life.

This might be my new favorite book. I highly recommend it. :]