How Google Works by Eric Schmidt

This great book came recommended by Upendra Kulkarni who I talked with at some length about my interest in business applications for machine learning. This is one of those books that I immediately know I will be thinking of for years to come.


I found it very enlightening; from a leadership perspective as well as an employee perspective. The authors go in depth into how they built Google’s culture and how they leverage “Smart Creatives” to build great products.

One of my favorite parts was learning about how they view an ideal product development cycle. “Ship and iterate” is different from what I had taken for granted. They pointed out a trap I often fall into; trying to polish a perfect product before shipping, taking too long and missing out on user feedback during development.

The authors recommend several other books which I am now starting, but I will come back and read this again at least once or twice after that!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be an innovator, a modern leader or to create tech products.