Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is this idyllic party city on the mediterranean coast. Miles of sunny beaches (some nude) are fronted by enormous nightclubs and bars. Every homeless person wants to sell you a beer for a single euro at all hours, and you can drink in the streets. It’s basically the perfect place for a getaway. I… Continue reading Barcelona, Spain

Berlin, Germany

What an incredible experience this city has been! Friday I arrived late at night and checked in to Citystay Hostel in Mitte. But I managed to first take a selfie with the Fernsehturm communist radio tower. In the morning, I was off to see the Brandenburg Gate! This is probably the most conspicuous and famous landmark… Continue reading Berlin, Germany

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway reminds me a lot of Portland, Oregon. I’m sure I have offended about half the world by saying that. But the thing that really ties them together for me is the vibrant new-urbanism feel of the city. Public spaces are defined by the skillful application of architecture and civic design. There are lots of… Continue reading Oslo, Norway

The Plan

I am so excited to FINALLY go backpacking across western Europe for spring break this year! This will be my first trip to Europe and my first solo trip. In the past, I have traveled around America a lot, and I went on a cruise around the Caribbean but somehow I have had a shamefully… Continue reading The Plan