Logistics-Based Strategy in Resource Sovereignty

The most conservative estimates say that most of the US will be desert within decades. Mass migrations from harder-hit countries will start sooner. Our food and water systems are not sustainable and can not be made sustainable as they are. It’s time to build new systems and start preparing for the now-inevitable future.

Permaculture means whole systems thinking; sustainably producing enough food and water to survive over time while turning all our outputs into inputs and indefinitely recycling everything from waste to water. Arcology means thinking not just about what we build but how it fits together with the surrounding ecology and our place in it. Strategic Autonomy means designing communities that can survive without relying on outside sources of vital resources.

The intention we must set is to survive in the long-term by building a place for ourselves in the future. If we want to have a place in the future, we have to embrace it now and adapt to survive.