Plan: Content

My blog receives a decent amount of traffic, and I have a consistent ability to generate organic traffic for certain niche topics. I have experimented in the past with monetizing posts via affiliate links, and I was surprised by how easy it was to make some revenue with just organic traffic and no ad spend.

I have seen a lot of promoted posts on social media with simple top ten lists for things like “Cheap last minute gifts” or “Best office gadgets under $10.”

I often click on these ads with genuine interest, and always realize that whenever I do, I am generating affiliate revenue for the sites.

This seems like a super easy gig to get into. It’s very straightforward. The ROI is easy to measure, and I already have a great deal of experience with every part of this business.

I have compiled a list of these types of sites and used automation tools to integrate all their posts into a to-do list which I can go through searching for content for my posts. Then, I will publish the posts on social media and boost them so lots of people see the posts and click through to my site. If even a few of them click through to affiliate sales sites and make purchases, then the project will be profitable.


It will be critical to develop a small, focused set of content types and to aggressively measure results for each post. Important metrics include traffic, engagements, clicks, and of course affiliate link conversions.

From there, each niche will need to have its own reporting about the time spent developing content and its cost, the amount of ad spend, and the revenue generated. This will enable clear and concise business analysis of each niche.

French Fry Blog

This is a blog about the best french fry experiences. Eventually it will also include display ads. I am still recruiting writers.


This is a blog about random cool things. I have so far tried several types of posts, and am still exploring more niches.