Goals Update: 2017-07-08


  • Khan: Complete Algebra Review
    • I will review algebra and then test into the courses I need for my degree. This will be a higher priority once I am done with working at Tech 2U and I am able to devote more time to education.
  • Khan: Complete Trigonometry
    • I will complete trigonometry online in order to skip extraneous classes and finish my transfer credits soon.
    • Depending on how this experience goes, I may want to take more of my math classes on Khan rather than at school.
  • Xfer => PSU/SDSU
    • I will transfer to PSU or SDSU to complete my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.
  • Xfer => ___
    • I will get a Masters in Business Administration.

Learning Goals

  • Programming
    1. React
    2. C++
    3. Golang
    4. C#
    5. Angular
    6. NodeJS
    7. Java I am reluctantly adding this, as it is required for my degree. And I have already make significant progress in learning Java. I have been greatly swayed towards adopting a more object-oriented style. I think this will have a big impact on me moving forwards.
  • Learn new skills


  • Advance on HackerRank
    • I will learn new languages and frameworks.
    • I will polish, refine, and review my skills.
    • Participating in this community increases my brand presence.
  • Advance on HackerRank
    • I will learn new languages and frameworks.
    • I will polish, refine, and review my skills.
    • Participating in this community increases my brand presence.
  • Astria.io
    • Finish implementing Email signups
    • Finish implementing Facebook Signups
    • Finish feed parsing plugin
  • DJ-CJ
    • Volunteer events
      • I was able to volunteer doing sound on the float for Stand Up Placer during the pride parade in Saramento this year!
    • Podcast
      • This has fallen by the wayside but I think it is a good part of a nascent content strategy around professional fundraising.
    • Recurring gigs
  • Sell food from carts again
    • I recently gave a speech on this and it made me super want to work towards doing this again. It’s so easy, and so profitable. I will put this higher on my list of priorities once I get caught up.
  • Build a tiny home
    • This is probably going to take longer. I will need to get a truck and a trailer to build it on before this long-term goal will be realistic. 
  • Use machine learning to solve a problem
  • Use machine learning to make money
  • Grow food
    • I am now growing my own herbs and vegetables
  • Set up ancestry websites for people
    • I will work on improving my ancestry website first, and then expand it into a content marketing piece for customers.
  • Professional Fundraising: Throw fundraiser events for worthy causes
    • I have sort of started this already. I did the pride event for Stand Up Placer and offered to do AV for movie nights at their safe house. I will expand on this in the coming weeks and try to build a clearer plan and direction for this project.
  • Customer service chat ops
    • The more I think about this, the more I like it!
  • Referrals as a Service
  • FSCRM/Matador
  • Subscriptions as a service <-Added

Stay Inspired and Current

  • Read Hacker News
  • Read Indie Hackers
  • Watch a documentary
  • Play Chess
  • Learn a new skill
  • Try a new hobby
  • Kayaking
  • Amateur Radio
  • Sail
  • Free Code Academy
  • Andrew Ng
  • Martin Shkrelli
  • Coursera Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Insight Data Science
  • Metis Data Science

Continuously Reinvest

  • Journal about goals each week
  • Blog post about each major area of focus
    • Investment <- I am removing this, as the opportunity cost of the capital is currently too high, and I can better spend my time building things than investing at this point in my career.
    • Book Reviews
    • Projects
  • Read a book every two weeks I am doubling this goal.
  • Attend a business networking event each month
  • Volunteer
    • Stand Up Placer
    • Add to this list
  • Eliminate all debt
  • Eliminate recurring costs
  • Start a new business which turns a profit