Blog: Nexus 6 And Moto 360

Nexus 6 And Moto 360

I bought a Nexus 6 and Moto 360. These two devices together make me more connected than I’ve ever been. I love the instantaneous access to people and information.

There are a few problems, and a million wishes-come-true.

The battery life on the Nexus 6 is over 25 hours with constant, heavy use. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks all day long and do lots of searches and texting and email. The other wonder of the Nexus 6 is the new Turbo Charge feature, charging in a fraction of the time with a huge increase in battery capacity. My last phone was the Nexus 5, which at five inches is better than six, but I think my ideal size would still be going back to four inches. These enormous phones are harder to use and less convenient. I’ve often considered returning the Nexus 6, but the battery life and turbo charge make it well worth enduring the obnoxious size.

The Moto 360 has changed the way I interface with data. My favorite feature is finding answers to questions or texting someone in just seconds with a few words and no buttons pressed. My least favorite feature is the unendurably poor battery life. If I don’t use it too much, it lasts most of the day. And don’t get caught dead away from home, because Qi is the only way to charge it; no USB ports for charging on-the-go. I have taken to leaving it in it’s cradle when I’m home, and only putting it on when I’m unusually busy or when I’m heading out. If I didn’t work from home, I could see myself wearing it all day at work, at least until it died. I’m sure the next version will solve the battery and charging problems which would make it an absolute must-have device.

All in all, I don’t regret either purchase, but I don’t love either one as much as I wish I did. I can’t wait to see next year’s devices and forget these few problems.