From a Future Me

I decided I want to write a journal entry from a future me who is closer to where I want to be. I intentionally used hyperbole to show goal states.

I see myself waking up in a tiny home which looks like a cabin but on a flatbed trailer and easy to relocate. It sits towards the back of a grassy lot which I might buy or rent. On top are solar panels. Off to one side of the lot is an electric windmill.

Inside my home is a loft bed with lots of windows for natural light. The fire in the stove has long since died to embers. I wake up and climb down from the loft, ready to start my day. I step outside and through the garden to the chicken coop to recover the eggs which are waiting for me.

I make a nice omelette and boil the extras for lunch. I include lots of veggies from the garden and pack a salad for later, or maybe a sandwich with that new hummus I made.

I’m very proud of my garden. I use modern aquaponics to grow fish along side lots of vegetables in my greenhouse. I especially love having fresh tomatoes and cucumbers every morning and fresh fish or chicken for dinner.

After breakfast, I take my electric vehicle or maybe my bicycle if the weather is nice. I have a meeting with a new client before lunch. I am designing some kind of software or website for them.

It’s an exciting day for my main business. I run a fleet of mobile food vendors which empowers young entrepreneurs to develop business skills inside a safe, established model. Today, we are launching a new type of bicycle cart which allows our partners to sell coffee and tea with individually packaged donuts or cured meat sandwiches from their bicycle carts. It’s exciting to see so many young people working hard and learning how to start their own businesses.