What am I up to?

Current Projects


Discursive Construction

I am doing an experiment where I prompt an advanced AI to write essays, analyze memes and literature, or write arguments from the perspective of a particular historical figure.

I am posting these attributed to the AI, “Discursive Construction.” And the bold text is the prompt, while the rest is what the AI comes up with.

My Reading List (📚,🎥,💻)

The best books, documentaries, and podcast episodes I think you should know about.

Asimov's Foundation Series

Random Incomplete Ideas

I have long struggled with what to do with random ideas I have. I kept a journal and then I kept a todo list and then I made a database and it was just too much, especially because I wanted to be able to go back and do drafts of the ideas. So here we are, my unfiltered stream of consciousness, probably altered. Enjoy.

Note: There are really a lot of these so I’m trying to add a few every day. It will be a while until they are all added.


Past Projects