2018-04-09 – Post-Eurotrip Reflections and Goals

It has been some time since my last update. Not a lot has changed. If anything, my goals have condensed and become more focused. It bears repeating as many of them have fallen to the “someday” list.

  • Complete IGETC ✔
  • Complete Assist ✔
  • Get an Associates in Social Justice from Sierra

I am very excited to say that as of fall semester, I will be done with my Associates in Social Justice at Sierra/ARC. This is the last step before my “four-year” school officially starts, but because I have finished IGETC and Assist, I am actually already almost done with my “four-year” Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

  • Get a Bachelors in Computer Science

This is still my number one priority, and I am currently leaning towards going to Portland for this. I have finished everything I can at community college, and only a few classes remain which I will need to take at the four-year school I choose for my Bachelor’s program. I can’t wait!

  • Get a Masters in Business Administration

As soon as I finish my Bachelor’s, I will start my MBA. I don’t plan to stop being at least a full-time student until I finish my MBA. This is one big advantage if I choose Portland, because they have reputable and affordable programs for both degrees I want.

  • Travel

I just got back from an amazing trip to Europe, and I want more. I plan to travel overseas at least a couple times a year, and mostly to new places. This winter, I am planning another euro-trip which will take me to an all new set of cities. Can’t wait!