Moisture Farming: Don’t Get Ripped Off

Now that the era of biosphere collapse is rapidly approaching the water wars stage, moisture farming is finally taking off. Just like the Skywalkers of Tatooine, many people today are beginning to explore extracting humidity from the air to provide for their basic water needs.

But don’t be ripped off by bad deals. This guide will explain how to tell the difference and which one you should buy instead.

Don’t Get Ripped Off!

First let’s look at a rip-off. This Kickstarter for the “Kara Pure” is asking people to invest in a product which they may eventually manufacture and ship to buyers. They are even investing in Facebook ads to get people to spend over a thousand dollars to invest in their atmospheric water generator which may some day be manufactured if they can get enough people to invest.

Rip Off Asmospheric Water Generator

But wait, aren’t these products already available at every hardware store for far less money? YES!

Then what’s the difference? Well if we divide the daily production of just ten liters by the incredible price of $1,349, then we get a price of $134.90 per liter of water generated per day. Keep in mind, you also have to pay for the electricity to run the device.

A Better Option

Now let’s compare that to a better option. Here is one that’s already a real product you can buy in stores. It produces 23.7 liters of water per day, and it costs just $189. That means a price of just $7.88 per liter of water produced per day.

Check out this youtube video explaining how to use this off the shelf unit to produce all the water you need, and don’t waste your money on kickstarter.