Most Interesting Structures From The Foundation TV Show

I am very interested in fabricating interesting structures. I have done posts in the past about shelters from The Expanse and written extensively on shelters I’ve seen around the country on my travels. So naturally, I want to collect the most interesting shelters and structures I see in the new Foundation series.

I will update this post as I work through the series.


I really like these connected triangle structures. It seems like this would be really easy to make with composite core construction, and then also be very sturdy over time. Plus it incorporates a large angled wall which can host solar panels.

Salvor Shelter


This is an interesting set of connected structures. There is a geodesic dome with rigid plastic panels, and then it’s connected to a sort of semi-rigid barrel via soft vinyl. This seems like it would flap around in the wind. It probably would be a great candidate for aircrete or something more rigid than the loose vinyl. I do love the airlock on the front. This would be a great mud room but also a great way to insulate the air inside during extreme cold or heat. I also love the stacked container homes to the right.

Salvor 2