Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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I really don’t understand why this is a national park. It’s just some normal mountains with hiking. It’s kind of weird to have mountains in this area so maybe that’s why. There are a lot of caves. Carlsbad Cavern is technically inside the Guadalupe Mountains and there are lots of other caves too.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

There is some weird geology that is not well explained. For example there is a compression layer that is not explained. And some of the caves seem to have at one point been submerged in sea water which is not explained. But overall these are just normal mountains.

Guadalupe Mountains Approach

So I actually thought this was pretty interesting. When you approach the Guadalupe Mountains, there is a very distinct edge. There is a sheer cliff at the end of them. I took a 360 video of me standing at the edge. Check it out here.

I hope the rest of the National Parks are more interesting than this one. Definitely would not visit again.