Quartzsite and the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR)

Here’s me, the moving cabin, and my first ever Saguaro on the morning when I arrived at Quartzsite! I met up with a group of nomads and we camped together for several weeks. The meetup was very very strict with covid compliance which was great. We had a great time getting to know each other safely. I think some of these new friendships will  last for years.

My First Saguaro

I really liked camping at Plomosa Rd. It was a big open space with lots of room for social distancing.

Quartzsite CampHere you can see my evolving camp setup. I moved the cooler onto the table which makes a perfectly sized standing desk for working. The outhouse tent worked out great. I really like the fancy flushing toilet I bought. I am using these bio-pods which are like a tide pod that you drop in and it eliminates any smell. Camping on BLM land, you just have to dig a hole and dump the toilet into the hole when it fills up. Very clean and simple solution for individual-scale human waste management.

Quartzsite Andromeda

It’s a little hard to see but here in the middle of this photo is the Andromeda Galaxy which is coming straight at us. This is definitely the best photo I’ve ever managed to take of it, and I took it here at Quartzsite!

Moving Theater

On several of the nights, I set up my projector to show movies on the side of a neighbor’s camper. This was a fun and safe activity as we were able to space out over a large area to enjoy the movie together.

Quartzsite was amazing. I will absolutely go back every year.

I ended up giving the bike away to someone I met there, so it will not be appearing in future posts!