Hitchens on Kissinger

From this interview.

Interviewer: Another member of your rose gallery is Henry Kissinger?

Hitchens: Of whose rose gallery is he not a member? Mark Twain said that if you give a man a reputation as an early riser, he can sleep until noon. Kissinger has somewhere or another along the way earned a reputation as a statesman, peacemaker, a negotiator, a miraculous deal maker, a bridge builder. I invite people in this piece to consider any instance in which he’s left a country or a cause or a problem better off than when he found it. And I also point to what I consider to be a record of crime in his past. He’s been complicit in the commissioning of assassinations and the covering up of mass murder. And I think actually there are some signs in his own memoirs and his behavior that he enjoys it. I think that he’s a very dangerous person, a war criminal. And I give the list of instances where I think that to be true… I don’t think he has any talent of introspection or humor or self doubt or self criticism whatsoever.