Data: Nuclear Radiation and Wildfires

I am conducting a long-term experiment of the environmental factors associated with the wildefires. One factor I am looking at is the ambient nuclear radiation levels.


I believe that when the fires start, we will see a significant increase in radionuclide count per minute, because of naturally occurring radioactive materials being released into the air.


As part of an ongoing experiment, I am using two sensor arrays (inside and outside) to measure several environmental factors in the context of the wildfires, including nuclear radiation. The data is being logged every minute as a count of how many radionuclides the sensor detected each minute.


Ambient Radionuclides and Wildfires

As you can see from this initial data, there is a significant increase in ambient radioactivity associated with the wild fires. In fact ambient radiation levels are now up to 32% higher than before the wildfires began.