Learn To DJ: (1) Sound Gear and Mixing Basics

2019-06-15: 5:30-7:30

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Are you DJ-Curious? Comfort & Joy is hosting free DJ workshops for anyone interested in learning this magical art. The workshops will be led by seasoned disc jockeys from very different parts of the DJ industry. You will learn how to set up sound and lighting gear, how to mix music, and how to pick tracks.

At this first workshop, we will learn how to set up DJ controllers and mix tracks using Serato.

Workshop Outline

    • Meet and Greet
      • What kind of DJ are you?
      • What kind of DJ do you want to be?
    • Industry Technology Timeline
      • Early Tech Had One Major Downside
        • Turntables and Crates
        • CDJs and Crates
      • Software!
        • Scratch Live and “Crates”
          • MP3 / MP4
        • Midi CDJs and “Crates”
        • Controllers and “Crates”
    • Speaker Basics
      • Powered versus Unpowered
      • Connection Types
    • Sound formula: Source -> Mixer -> Speakers
      • Sources
        • Turntables
        • CD players
        • Controllers
        • Microphones
      • Mixers are pretty interchangeable for most purposes. We will look at a few examples in the practice session today.
      • Big Speakers
  • Mixing Basics
    • Playlists and Autoplay
    • Verse; Chorus; Mix
    • Beat Matching and Turntablism (The Meat)
      • Everyone gets a chance to practice in a moment…
      • Pitch bend and jog wheels
      • Line up the beats, then cross-fade to the new track
  • What To Play?
    • Goals and Cadences
    • Have Options
      • Decades, Genres, Special Event Types
      • You need 20 songs per hour!
  • Practice Your Skills!