(3)Lighting and DMX



Are you DJ-Curious? Comfort & Joy is hosting free DJ workshops for anyone interested in learning this magical art. The workshops will be led by seasoned disc jockeys from very different parts of the DJ industry. You will learn how to set up sound and lighting gear, how to mix music, and how to pick tracks.

At this third workshop, we will look at setting up lighting gear and using smart versus dumb controls including simple DMX control boards to run lighting rigs.

Workshop Outline

  • Meet and Greet
    • “How can lighting make an event better?”
  • Types of lights
    • Derby
    • Wash
    • Par can
    • Moonflower
    • Up-lights
    • Follow spots
    • Lasers
    • Disco balls
    • Moving head fixtures
      • Gobo
    • LED versus incandescent
    • Special fixtures
      • Fog machines
      • Hazers
      • Sparks/ Fire
  • Control methods
    • Dumb
      • Demo: ADJ PC-4
      • Sound reactive
        • Same fixtures versus different: unpredictable behavior. (So?)
    • Smart
      • DMX
        • Domains and ranges
      • Demo DMX par cans
      • Demo lasers
      • Control boards versus software
  • Practice Time