(2) Advanced Mixing



Are you DJ-Curious? Comfort & Joy is hosting free DJ workshops for anyone interested in learning this magical art. The workshops will be led by seasoned disc jockeys from very different parts of the DJ industry. You will learn how to set up sound and lighting gear, how to mix music, and how to pick tracks.

At this second workshop, we will learn how to set up gear and mix tracks with vinyl and CDJs.

  • Meet and Greet
    • “How have you used the lessons from last time so far?”
  • Raw Vinyl (Where the fuck is all my jungle?)
    • Con: Price
    • Con: Weight
    • Con: Availability
    • Con: Lifespan
    • Despite the cons, this is the very core of DJing; everything else emulates this.
  • Control Vinyl
    • How is this different from raw vinyl and from controllers?
      • Latency
        • Bends versus touch
      • Belt drive versus direct
      • Needles and scratches
      • Control vinyl: What happens at the end?
  • Raw CDJs
    • Working without visualizations is a lot like vinyl
    • Working with visualizations
    • CDs versus dual USB versus networked USB
  • Control CDJs
    • With Control Discs
      • Latency
      • Can scratch
      • What happens at the end?
    • Without Control Discs
      • Basically the same as a controller
  • Loops
    • Why
    • How
  • Mix Types
    • Level mixing
      • Popular with certain genres, vocal outros, etc.
    • Cross-fader mixing
      • Popular with turntablism
    • Fader mixing
      • Popular with more complex collaborative rigs
  • Practice
    • Throwing beat-matched drops with turntables
    • Throwing beat-matched drops with CDJs