How To Tell If Facebook Hides Your Posts

I challenge everyone to look at their profile and see whether Facebook shows your posts to anyone, or if you’re just sharing things with the wall behind you. Look back at your Facebook posts on your profile and see how many of them have no likes or comments. If they do, it means Facebook’s algorithm has decided not to show this post to anyone after testing it on one or two people who ignored it.

Even the most high-impact people make mistakes. The difference between having a high impact versus a low impact is checking in with how effective your methods are and how you can do things better.

The way the Facebook feed algorithm works is that it tests every post on one or two people to see whether they “engage” with it by liking or commenting on it. If they don’t, the algorithm stops showing the post to anyone and it disappears forever, except on your profile. If the test subjects do engage with the post, the algorithm will keep showing it to people until new people stop engaging with it.

If you have a post with no likes or comments, a maximum of one or two people saw it, and no one will ever see it again unless they go look at your profile.

Let’s do the math on your recent posts;

How Many Likes Or Comments? Likely Audience
0-1 A maximum of two people have ever seen this post.
2 A maximum of three to four people have ever seen this post.
>10 A maximum of twelve people have ever seen this post.

How many friends do you have on your profile? If it is the case that you are getting zero likes and comments on posts, ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish with your posts and who you are trying to reach. What percentage of your friends are you actually reaching?

I think most of us should be posting less, and posting better.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s important to understand whether you’re doing it well and how you can do it better. Look for posts that have lots of engagements. What is different about these from your less successful posts?