Startup 10: Astria

Astria represents an exciting new version completely from scratch of a web application framework I initially started over a decade ago. Astria manages database connections and allows rapid development of data-driven applications. It is very easy to create large and complex databases which Astria can serve as a simple JSON API, or as a complete managed web-based GUI featuring OAuth or Email authentication of users.

Astria also manages large sets of complex teams with equally complex permission structures and allows complex tracking and analysis of user behavior.

I have built simple websites in Astria, and even a complex front-end to a legacy CRM product for a multi-million dollar tech company which serves dozens of users and manages all daily operations for that company.

Perhaps the most exciting part about Astria is that it is exceptionally efficient and designed to scale indefinitely. It requires very little resources even under enormous workloads. It is also designed from the ground-up for sharding and distributed workloads. One server or one-hundred servers running Astria can balance any theoretical number of users and requests seamlessly.

Astria also makes it very easy to develop and deploy quality assurance tools such as outbound survey calls and emails. This feature is in operation at the tech company I mentioned.

A last point is the simplicity of marketing automation. I am spinning this part of the product off into another product which an upcoming post will detail. With Astria, is is trivially easy to run a query on a cron job to qualify a list of destinations for a dynamically generated email. This feature has created millions of dollars in revenue for businesses using this ability of the framework. Imagine all the types of customers you could send an email to automatically without needing to think about it. For example, “We haven’t seen you in six months. How are things?” The same can be done for the one year mark, and so on. This feature can also be used for internal development. For example, the system can automatically email users as well as their managers when particular types of behavior are detected. This can save time and money, and keep employees honest.

Astria is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool which can empower, protect companies as well as passively generating millions of dollars in revenue. Check it out and let me know if you are interested in contributing to this ongoing project!