The Levels Finish Line In Sight

As the finish line approaches, I have noticed issues with several of the older projects in the list. Maintaining them seems pointless unless I plan on actually using them, so I am removing some of the projects from production while I focus on completing the last items on the list. These will also have met with limited interest from test marketing.

Startup 9: What are you wearing today?
Startup 8: Stardate.Today
Startup 7: Top Story Review
Startup 6: Exotic Weapons
Startup 5: Condensr
Startup 4: CronPUT
Startup 3: Draupnr
Startup 2: RSI Alert
Startup 1: Securities Science

All of these are still available on Github if anyone wants to check out the code or clone and reactivate them. The RSI Alert project in particular has found a following and I’m sorry to disappoint the few dedicated users who are interested in this project. Feel free to fork the repo and take it over if you’d like! :]

Three projects left!