Goals Update 2018-01-01

It’s a new year, whatever that really means. I want to start by reviewing my accomplishments from 2017:

  • My 9-5 ended. It’s hard to think what to say about this. I’m sure I will expound at length in the future.
  • I accomplished the incredible feat of not just doing double-full-time at school, but doing it with a perfect 4.0 GPA. I am still shocked that this worked.
  • I decided to be positive as much as possible, and made it real in my life. For example, I reworded this sentence after initially writing, “I decided to stop being negative.” This applies across my life. It is largely inspired by having reread How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  • Incidentally, I read lots and lots of books, and will continue to do so.
  • I made great strides in developing close friendships which had largely fallen to the wayside over the last few years. This will remain a major focus for me.
  • I have completed a great deal of the work on the levels challenge.
  • I rebooted my DJ company, re-branded, and made a new focus on altruism.


Now to Review the state of my goals today;


  • Finish my transfer credits: I am closer than ever, and making great progress!
    • Get a Bachelors in CS from anywhere (preferably Berkeley, PSU)
      • Get an MBA from anywhere
  • Finish a dozen free DJ gigs for nonprofits, start a weekly DJ podcast: I am committing to doing this podcast starting this week.
    • Sign a couple of weekly DJ gigs and maybe some school districts
      • Hire DJ help
        • Expand with additional rigs
  • Complete Astria SchemaRoute, TeamManager, and FeedSync: I have branched this project into several separate projects which are making great progress.
    • Simplify and condense Astria
    • Launch outsourced market research project to test latest CRM betas
    • Launch WPaaS
    • Launch free Powerhouse/FSCRMaaS: This is among my most important goals, and needs to happen soon, in whatever initial form.
  • Invest in Software Engineering Career
    • Learn React
      • Learn React Native
      • Learn ReactVR
      • Learn NodeJS
        • Learn GraphQL
    • Get Certified
      • Adsense
      • Analytics

Major Takeaways;

  1. The biggest goal is finishing school.
    • After that, accessing capital to scale-up projects which must already be underway.
  2. Launching FSCRMaaS, case in point.
  3. Launching WPaaS
  4. Launching DJ Podcast