My Favorite Songs

Any time someone hears that I have been a professional DJ for over fourteen years, the first question they ask is what music I like. And it’s a question I almost never give a good answer to. So I decided to compile my very favorite songs here.

Coffee shop soundtrack by All Time Low doesn’t quite fit into the rest of this list (least of all this acoustic version), but this is my absolute all-time favorite song and band. I have loved them since the MySpace days. I still have their CDs and listen to this one all the time. I’m sure it sounds very cliche, but this song spoke to me and the conflicts I was facing in high school, and even today.

All time low aside, my next favorite song is this breakbeat house version of Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold remixed by DJ Komatic from the UK. This track is very minimal and progressive which is true of most of my favorites, but this one stands far out ahead in my mind.

Next is the Streets of Fandango remix of Dust in Gravity by Kreesha Turner. The vocals, lyrics, and music match perfectly to convey an eerie perspective on frustrations she has with her life and the futility of her struggles. Very good listen and a favorite for many years.

The original version of this song has a video which is also amazing and definitely worth checking out, but this Nero Remix of Blinded by the lights by The Streets is the version I love to play as a DJ.

The Doorly remix of Raindrops By Basement Jaxx is easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard. The original CD was amazing, but some of the tracks were remixed into apotheosis and really took Basement Jaxx to another level. This is one of those songs that I’ve revisited year after year and never get tired of.

From the same CD as the last track, the tone of this one has stuck with me since I first listened to the CD it came on. Basement Jaxx teamed up with Lightspeed Champion to produce My Turn. It feels warm and