Goals Update: 2017-09-07

Major overhaul

Removed lots of things from this list and from my life.

Divided everything on here into three block-level sections:

  • Current Goals
  • Long-Term Goals
  • Potential Goals

I have made tremendous progress since my last update.

  • I am no longer working at Tech 2U
  • I have a strong safety net in place
  • I am well on my way to completing my academic and broader goals

Minimizing this list and clarifying the roadmap are the biggest hurdles I overcome with this update. Looking forward to the next one!




  • Get certified on analytics and adsense: I will create events next week to take the first steps, and add this to the tim ferriss list.
  • implement animate.css i am moving this into the astria category
  • Free Code Academy: i am removing this. some immersion in this community has showed me that at present i have little to gain.
  • Martin Shkrelli: this is no longer a priority, removing
  • Programming
    1. Java: i have learned java and am taking further courses. removing.
    2. NodeJS: i have not made progress here, but it is still a longer-term goal
    3. React: facebook’s patent actions have made this goal irrelevant. removing.
    4. Golang: exploring this has showed me that it is not mainstream enough to be worth exploring. removing.
    5. C#: this is still a longer-term goal
    6. Angular: removing.
    7. C++: taking a class on this. removing.
  • Learn new skills: all of these have taken a back burner. maybe i should create a back-burner section to separate non-urgent goals.

Stay Inspired

all of these have become less relevant and more distracting. removing.

Reinvest: Changing to “consolidate”

  • Each Week: these have become natural and taken on a different cadence. removing.
    • Journal about goals each week
    • Read a new book every week.
  • Attend a business networking event at least every two weeks: removing, irrelevant for the time being.
  • Volunteer: removing. this has taken on its own cadence through other goals.
    • Stand Up Placer
    • Add to this list
  • Eliminate all debt
  • Eliminate recurring costs


  • move to bootstrap 4 from beta: in progress
  • explore bootstrap themes: in progress
  • contribute to an open source project: longer-term goal
  • implement draupnr as a wordpress plugin which automatically makes posts rather than files: removing, irrelevant.
  • Advance on HackerRank: longer-term goal
    • I will learn new languages and frameworks.
    • I will polish, refine, and review my skills.
    • Participating in this community increases my brand presence.
  • Astria.io: in progress
    • include cronput
    • Make this site a more relevant homepage for this project. Give real examples and add better content.
    • Finish implementing Email signups
    • Finish implementing Facebook Signups
  • Condensr.io: done. removing.
    • iron out the bookmarklet issue
    • see what people have condensed
  • TopStoryReview.com: done, removing.
    • make a single page that contains all the content with prettier cards
  • DJ-CJ suspending indefinitely, removing
    • Volunteer events
    • Podcast
    • Recurring gigs
    • collaborate with justin and other DJs
  • Sell food from carts again: removing
  • Build a tiny home: longer-run, expand to vandwelling
  • Use machine learning to solve a problem: longer-run
  • Use machine learning to make money: longer-run
  • Grow food: done, removing
  • Set up ancestry websites for people: moving to maybe
  • Professional Fundraising: Throw fundraiser events for worthy causes, in progress
  • Customer service chat ops, moving to maybe
  • Referrals as a Service
  • FSCRM/Powerhouse
  • Subscriptions as a Service
  • Migrate everything from godaddy to namecheap next week
  • Complete indeed coding challenges
  • create code goals
  • Create comprehensive documentation of all domains and subdomains I own/manage: done
  • Build new production server and migrate everything: done
  • Build a new test server and learn these things
    • NodeJS(?)
    • GraphQL(?) moving to programming learning goals
  • Use this to improve my resume
  • relisten to the tim ferris crypto episode and develop project ideas
  • develop a POC for a tool that automatically hacks a hotspot and rebroadcasts it with snooping
  • develop a POC for a free wifi hotspot product which injects its own ads for revenue
  • explore freelance opportunities with upwork and toptal
  • explore github education pack
  • review pieter levels’ comments on ico
  • review gary v’s comments on media content creation
  • a wordpress factory
    • review jason cox’s work and clientele characteristics
    • review similar companies
    • explore cost comparison for wordpress.com hosting and/or multicloud lamp architecture
    • explore 99 designs as a driver of designs

Tim Ferriss
“4 Hour Workweek” Goals

  • Six Months
    • Having
      • *Content revenue stream
        1. Content
        2. Revenue
        3. Scale
      • *FSCRM
        1. Prototype
        2. Partners
        3. Scale
      • Car, outright
    • Doing
      • *Complete relevant Khan
        1. Identify
        2. Prioritize
        3. Complete
      • *Complete relevant Coursera
        1. Identify
        2. Prioritize
        3. Complete
      • Build good genealogy sites as a product
      • Become a Paraglider
      • Become completely financially independent
  • Twelve Months
    • Having
      • *Build wordpress factory
        1. Review Competitors
        2. Define plan
        3. Execute
      • DJ company
      • *Food business
        1. Identify market(s)
        2. Validate
        3. Scale
      • Tesla
    • Doing
      • Become a Pilot
      • Become a Archer