How To Create a Local Storage Repository on XenServer

I was working with a XenServer in a complex corporate network environment, and it was not possible for this server to access any samba shares, such as my laptop. I needed to put some ISOs on it, so I decided to create a local storage repository. This way, I would be able to simply -wget an ISO from the web, and then use it locally.


First, SSH into the XenServer and create a directory for the repository;

mkdir -p /var/opt/xen/LocalRepo

Then, tell Xen to create a XenServer Storage Repository at that directory;

xe sr-create name-label=LocalRepo type=iso device-config:location=/var/opt/xen/LocalRepo device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso

Now move to the directory and then wget whatever ISOs you need…

cd /var/opt/xen/LocalRepo



Now you’re cooking with gas!


PS. Make sure to check your free space and make sure your ISOs will fit. This partition is not very big by default.

df -H